Mini smartphone fan for Mobiles with OTG functions

*While stock lasts

This mini fan is able to attach to the power port on your smart phone and blow a fan in your face if you happen to like your hair being tousled and blowing in the air while you take selfies, or maybe you're just a little warm and would like a breeze in your face while outdoors on a hot day or at the office when the A/C is broken. Although quite small, the smart phone fan can dish out quite a little breeze while reaching speeds of up to 16,000 RPM.
Dimension: 9cm x 4cm x 4cm, fan blade length is 3.2 mm each.
Allows you to use your phone with side blowing fan.
Material: TPE environmental protection.
Please note the fan will only run on mobiles with OTG function (On-The-Go.
R 35,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 30.43 (Excl.Vat)