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Green Old Mutual Foam Peak

A great way to get your brand out there and protect yourself from the sun at the same time with this lightweight foam peak.
R 6,50 (Incl.Vat)
R 5.65 (Excl.Vat)

License disc holder

Size: 90w X 90h. Material: Plastic.
R 6,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 5.22 (Excl.Vat)

Rigid proxy access card holder

Rigid proxy plastic access card holder 90 x 72 cm.
R 5,50 (Incl.Vat)
R 4.78 (Excl.Vat)

Green Lanyard Dye Sub 20mm Polyester 2 Side

Vibrant Green Lanyard Dye Sub 20mm Polyester 2 Side with snap hook.
R 9,20 (Incl.Vat)
R 8.00 (Excl.Vat)

Vision Screen And Lens Cleaning Kit

30ml lens and screen cleaning spray with a microfibre cloth. Product Dimension: 3.5cm (l) x 3.5cm (w) x 10.2cm (h)
R 18,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 15.65 (Excl.Vat)

Lime Smartphone Silicone Pouch

Funky new item that sticks onto the back of most phones with snap closure providing greater security against loss of contents. Your business cards credit cards or other cards of choice slip into the back pocket for convenient accessibility. 57mm (w) x 93mm (l).

R 9,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 7.83 (Excl.Vat)

Eye Popper Toy Screen Cleaner and Phone Stand

Keep the humor and spirits high in the office with this cute and cheeky eye-popper stress toy that you will learn to love and appreciate. Not only will it keep your hands busy it will help keep you calm in those stressful situations. Its features also include a screen cleaner and a phone stand Product Dimension: 7,5cm (l) x 4cm (w) x 7cm (h)
R 27,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 23.48 (Excl.Vat)

Fashion Sunglasses

*While stock lasts

Retro sun glasses in a variety of trendy colours, UV 400 certified Item size: 14,5 x 14,5 x 5 cm.
R 14,50 (Incl.Vat)
R 12.61 (Excl.Vat)

Green Kelly Sunglasses

Transparent frame sunglasses UV400 protection Plastic Product Dimension: 14.5cm (l) x 4.8cm (h)
R 16,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 13.91 (Excl.Vat)

PVC Conference pouches

Clear flexible PVC pouches with pre-punched holes and slot. Card insert size – +/- 95mm x 145mm.
R 4,10 (Incl.Vat)
R 3.57 (Excl.Vat)

Small PVC Conference pouches

Clear flexible PVC pouches with pre-punched holes and slot. Card insert size – 94mm x 106mm.
R 4,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 3.48 (Excl.Vat)

Eva And Elm Sandwell Gel Hand Sanitiser 250ML

These Alcohol-based contain Isopropyl Alcohol (70%). 13.5(H) x 6.5(dia). PET. 250ML
R 39,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 33.91 (Excl.Vat)

500ML Florence Hand Sanitizer

*Estimated time of arrival mid-April 2020

Size: 17.5 ( h ) x 8 ( dia ) | Material: PET. Capacity: 500ml. These alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers are ideal for the workplace and schools. Reduce the spread of germs and harmful bacteria. Promote good hygiene and health. Reduce absenteeism. Increase productivity. Both the containers and the gel are made in South Africa - supporting local business. Active ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol > 70% Inactive Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerine, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Propylene Glycol, Carbomer, Parfum, Triethanolamine.
R 59,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 51.30 (Excl.Vat)

Glamourette Mirror And Lip Balm

Size: 1.5 ( h ) x 4.8 ( dia ) | Material: ABS | Capacity: 7g
R 20,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 17.39 (Excl.Vat)

Glamorous Disc Lip Balm

Size: 1.9 ( h ) x 3.7 ( dia ) | Material: ABS | Capacity: 6.5g
R 13,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 11.30 (Excl.Vat)

Glamorline Lip Balm

Size: 7 ( h ) x 1.8 ( dia ) | Material: ABS | Capacity: 4.5g
R 13,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 11.30 (Excl.Vat)

Glamoursphere Mints

Size: 3.8 ( h ) x 3.8 ( dia ) | Mateial: ABS
R 15,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 13.04 (Excl.Vat)