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Green Victorinox Veggie Knife

*While stock lasts

R 130,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 113.04 (Excl.Vat)

Dynamix Kinetic Torch

Its Eco-friendly, compact and its light shines bright. The best feature is it requires no batteries. Product Dimension: 10cm x 4.5cm.
R 19,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 16.52 (Excl.Vat)

Metal Torch With Gift Box

Metal torch with batteries, loop and gift box included! Item size: 17 x 8 x 3
R 60,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 52.17 (Excl.Vat)

Bamboo Lunch Box

Lunch box
Made of bamboo fibre and PP plastic
With one main compartment
One knife and fork
Includes an elastic band to hold cutlery in place.
Product Size: 16.5(W) x 11(L) x 5(D)cm
Material: 50% Bamboo Fibre
50% PP Plastic
R 95,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 82.61 (Excl.Vat)

Kooshty Movie Night Popcorn Popper

4.5 ( h ) x 20 ( dia ) cm : Silicone
Packaged in a black & white gift box
Directions for use
Unfold the popcorn popper • Pour ¼ cup of popcorn kernels into the popcorn popper
Add 1 teaspoon of oil or butter if desired (for flavour only, not needed for popping) • Add ½ teaspoon salt or to taste
Put the lid on • Shake to coat the kernels if oil/butter/salt was added • Microwave for 2-3 minutes or until the popping slows

The silicone popper will be very hot once heated, so remove with care from the microwave and allow to cool
Open the lid away from you to avoid steam
Both the bowl and the lid can be washed in the dishwasher

Make quick & easy popcorn in the microwave without all the single-use packaging. This reusable, collapsible, silicone popcorn popper can be stored flat, and then simply extended out into a bowl when you want to use it. Pour in some popcorn kernels, and some oil and salt if you like. Put the lid on and stick it in the microwave, and 2 or 3 minutes later you’ll have a fresh and hot bowl of popcorn to enjoy.
R 189,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 164.35 (Excl.Vat)

Okiyo Homegrown Large Paddle Board

59.5 ( l ) x 19.5 x ( w ) x 2 ( h ) cm Material : Oak & Leather The Okiyo Made in SA wood products is made from Hardwood, which is skillfully handcrafted in KwaZulu-Natal by people who have been employed and upskilled. As these boards are made from natural wood, no two boards are the same, and each has its character through texture, pattern, and colour. Imperfections are part of what makes each one unique. The branding on the boards may also be affected by the inconsistencies inherent in the wood. Trees are a natural and renewable resource that absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store carbon in wood. The wood used to make these products is sourced from sustainably farmed trees. These wooden boards have been treated with natural, food-friendly oils. This heavy and durable paddleboard can be used in the kitchen for food preparation, or as a serving board. Take Care: This product is not suitable for the dishwasher. Rather wipe it with warm, soapy water and dry with a towel. Please don’t leave it to soak in water. To keep the wood from drying out over time, rub it occasionally with linseed or vegetable oil.
R 405,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 352.17 (Excl.Vat)

Dolan Steak Knife Set

Set of 4 steak knives: 24.2 ( l ),stainless steel blade,PP handle with black and rose gold plating , presentation box: 27 ( l ) x 18.5 ( w ) x 2.7 ( h )
R 215,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 186.96 (Excl.Vat)

Sydney Lantern And BT Speaker

Size: 13 ( l ) x 8.6 ( dia ) | Material: ABS | Includes printed gift box | White LED light | Supports playback from smartphones, tablets or most other Bluetooth compatible audio devices | Internal, rechargeable lithium ion battery | Recharges via USB cable (included), 3 x AA batteries (included)
R 333,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 289.57 (Excl.Vat)