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Wizz wireless mouse

Step up into the next generation of technology accessories. With its sleek and lightweight design, this optical wireless mouse is the perfect accessory. It is small and compact making it the perfect travel companion. Requires 2 x AAA batteries.
R 70,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 60.87 (Excl.Vat)

Desk Pro Sticky Notes and USB Hub

*While stock lasts

"The product size (9.5*9,7*4.4), plus the material that is made of (ABS which is plastic), plus it has 3 USB ports (version 2.0) and a cell phone stand. The items is FCC and CE certified. The output current is 5V/1A and the Input current is 12-24V. "

R 71,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 61.74 (Excl.Vat)

Round Design Rubber Mousepad

*Excluding mouse

Round Design Rubber Mousepad. Product size : (W)210 X (H)210
R 28,50 (Incl.Vat)
R 24.78 (Excl.Vat)

5 Watt QI Wireless Charger And Mousepad Black

*While stock lasts

It is a Mouse Pad/Mat with a Qi-Enabled Wireless charging pad, which also can be used as a wireless charging stand. Max Output:5V-1A (Max) output. The wireless charger charges your devices efficiently. If you want to charge your phone more quickly, we recommend to use a 2A adapter (Not Included). Ensure you put your devices into the right position. Easy to use: Simply place your phone directly onto the charging pad and your phone begins to charge, and it's comfortable and convenient. It only works with devices that are equipped with a Qi-compatible receiver
R 125,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 108.70 (Excl.Vat)

Basix stationery set

Zippered pencil bag with pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener and 15cm ruler. Custom multi-colour combinations available. Frosty PVC. Product Dimension: 11cm x 21.5cm.

R 16,50 (Incl.Vat)
R 14.35 (Excl.Vat)

New Design Conference Pouch

A great bag that can be used for all sorts of things, it also includes a carry strap. This is a great giveaway item which one could add mini gifts to. It can also be used to carry your notebook and cellphone, a toiletry bag or stationery bag, etc. Size of product :245mm x 180mm
R 41,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 35.65 (Excl.Vat)

Scholar ruler and stationery set

Ruler: plastic / 30cm.
2 x wooden pencils.
Plastic sharpener.
R 13,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 11.30 (Excl.Vat)

Clear desk fan

Colourful plastic body.
USB Connector.
Adjustable head.
R 65,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 56.52 (Excl.Vat)

Flexible USB mini cooling fan

*While stock lasts

Mini 5V USB fan.
Powered by any USB port or powerbank
Unique bendable design, also light weight and very flexible.
Low noise with low power consumption.
Made out of Silicone.
R 12,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 10.43 (Excl.Vat)

Mini smartphone fan for Mobiles with OTG functions

*While stock lasts

This mini fan is able to attach to the power port on your smart phone and blow a fan in your face if you happen to like your hair being tousled and blowing in the air while you take selfies, or maybe you're just a little warm and would like a breeze in your face while outdoors on a hot day or at the office when the A/C is broken. Although quite small, the smart phone fan can dish out quite a little breeze while reaching speeds of up to 16,000 RPM.
Dimension: 9cm x 4cm x 4cm, fan blade length is 3.2 mm each.
Allows you to use your phone with side blowing fan.
Material: TPE environmental protection.
Please note the fan will only run on mobiles with OTG function (On-The-Go.
R 35,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 30.43 (Excl.Vat)

Round Stationery Set

Plastic Transparent round case. Size: 9 (l) x 9 (w) x 2.3 (d) | Includes: 1 x Scissors, 1 x Stapler, 1 x Punch, 1 x Sticky Tape and 10 x Staple Packs
R 38,00 (Incl.Vat)
R 33.04 (Excl.Vat)